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NAWS is a Recipient of the 2011
 City of Sedona 
Arts & Culture Commission 
Mayor's Art Award
February 23, 2018

Spring Exhibit Entries Slideshow

Featured Critique Group

Digital Image Tips & Using GIMP to Resize Images to Suit Show Submission Requirements:
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​Sedona Giclee now sells art supplies 
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2018 NAWS Sedona Public Library Show
February 2-26, 2018

2017-2018 NAWS Officers
First Row: Firuse Stalcup, Wayne St. John, Mary Ann Undrill, Linda Sherman
Second Row: Rose Moon, Barbara Hagerman, Jeanne Jones, Meg Beauchamp, Nancy Boulais Unavailable for photo: Mary Jane Cooke 
New NAWS Juried Members

Congratulations to new NAWS Juried Members Jill Jepson and Mary Ann Cooke!
NAWS President Wayne St. John with recent NAWS Juried Member Anita Belonger
NAWS President Wayne St. John with new NAWS Juried Member Jill Jepson
NAWS President Wayne St. John with new NAWS Juried Member Mary Ann Cooke
2018 NAWS 
The Bold & Beautiful
Watermedia Exhibition
March 15-27, 2018