An organization dedicated to promoting the art of watercolor painting throughout Arizona.  General Meetings are held monthly
September - May from 9:00 am to Noon and are open to the public.

Location:   Sedona United Methodist Church,  110 Indian Cliffs Rd.,
 Sedona, AZ 86336.   

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Updated 9/29/14
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FALL 2014
Next Meeting 
October 24 at 9:00 am
Paintout Reminder

There will not be any "paint outs" during October as I will be out of state at that time.

However on the second Tuesday, Nov 11, and the third Thursday, Nov 20, anyone interested in painting or drawing on location should meet with me at Crescent Moon Park. I will be there from 9 to noon. My phone is a cell so you can call 254-1914 if you do not see me but I will try to plant myself in a visible place. Hope to see NAWS there.

Darleene Nelson

    Jeanne Hyland
    Watercolor Ways: 
    Wet & Workable

Discover that rich and exciting color applied to saturated paper gets the results you want. Learn to manage the moisture in your brush, paint & paper and balance it with appropriate timing on wet, moist & dry paper to uncover the tremendous flexibility of watercolor. Wet glazing on saturated paper affords you long, relaxed, “open” working time for any subject. Paint directly without a line drawing as an oil painter would. You can easily get loose, flowing color, soft edges as well as crisp details. Jeanne busts many myths about watercolor using a unique and un-intimidating approach to painting. Jeanne keeps the painting “workable” for hours to lift, sculpt, glaze or layer and achieve a rich, painterly character. Her method can be used for many subjects.​

Spring Show 2014 
People's Choice Award Winner
Pierre Mion
***Fall Show Winners Announced*** 
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                                   Marsha Owen 
                                 Getting Framed 


These days an artist has many choices for framing a watercolor - I've tried most of them! I will demonstrate spray varnishing, museum glass with spacers, traditional with non-traditional mat choices and some tips on cutting mats. We'll talk about material choices and making the move to being an artist-self-framer.