Northern Arizona
Student Art Show  

The Northern Arizona Student Art Show (NAZSAS), held May 4-7, 2017 at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse Auditorim, is a juried art show for aspiring high school artists. NAWS supports this event and sponsors awards in the watercolor category. 

Intermediate Watercolor (2 Years of Art Instruction)

1st Place Intermediate Watercolor
 Aston Rauch for "Floating Heads"

2nd Place Intermediate Watercolor
Abby Chartier for "On the Banks of Silence"

3rd Place Intermediate Watercolor
Kaitlyn Gagnon for "Sunny Sunflower"

Advanced Watercolor (3+ Years of Art Instruction)

1st Place Advanced Watercolor
Sophie Collier for "Ethereal" 
(no photo available)

2nd Place Advanced Watercolor
Pei-Wen Yang for "New Year"

3rd Place Advanced Watercolor
Lovenia Libby for "Save the Gold Fish" 
(no photo available)