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Judy Skovlin Retrospective Art Show

by Blog Administrator on 03/12/18

Judy Skovlin has a retrospective art show at the Canyon Mesa Country Club, 500 Jack's Canyon Drive, in Village of Oak Creek until the end of March.  The Clubhouse is open 9 am to 5 pm daily, visitors are welcome.  The pieces in the show are abstracts, many of Arizona and Colorado landscapes, except for two very detailed enlarged pen and ink drawings of wasps.  Judy did these unique drawings while working for an entomology professor at UC, Davis, CA.  There are abstracts spanning 30 year's work.  Judy likes abstracts and says, "Abstract paintings open the way for the viewer to participate in the interpretation.  Viewers bring to the painting their own experience and history, and in that way have a more personal relationship with the work."

Judy is a juried member of both NAWS and the Colorado Watercolor Society.  She has a BA degree in Art Education from California College of the Arts and an Interior Design degree from Arapahoe Community College in Denver.  She has shown her art in many venues, as well as, been published in Watercolor Magic and the Artist's Magazine.  She is a retired teacher and spends her time in Sedona and Breckenridge, CO.