NAWS Video Library
(Available for MEMBERS ONLY)

See current newsletter for a listing of new DVDs and more information. 

NAWS members can check out 2 DVDs at each meeting. During the break, you may check out 2 more DVDs after everyone has had a chance to select the ones they want. There will be a check-in sheet where you can return your borrowed DVDs at the beginning of the display. There is a check-out point at the other end, for signing out new items.

Please remember to return your DVDs at the beginning of the next meeting. There is a $1.00 charge/DVD/month for late returns. If you can't get to the meeting, we have drop off points where you can leave them with the person in your area who will bring them back to NAWS. 


Camp Verde  --  Lisa Aragona-King
Cornville  --  Linda Kahn
Cottonwood  --  Wayne St. John, Jeanette Suggs, Tecla Machesney
Flagstaff  --  Marsha Owen, Sharon Dyer
Village of Oak Creek   --   Diane Thomas
Sedona  --  Susan Ludvigson

MISSING DVDs: Could they have been left in your DVD player?

Carl Dalio               Sketching in Perspective 
Carl Dalio               Color Power
Al Stine                 Basic Drawing
Eleanor Pidgeon     Courageous Watercolor
Hazel Soan            Watercolor Weekend