Mary Jane Cooke
Meg Beauchamp
4th VP Workshops
(shared position)
Mary Ann Undrill
 Ways & Means

2018-2019 Committee Heads

           City Hall Exhibit: Bonnie Baumberger and Mary Jane Cooke
           Critique Groups: Rita Bond
           DVD Library: Jeanette Suggs and Tecla Machesny
           Historian: Linda Slater
           Hospitality: Nancy Beckley and Anita Belonger
           Newsletter: Firuse Stalcup
           Outdoor Events, Paint Outs: Linda Slater and Jan Mulrooney
           Publicity: Lynne Crowe
           Scholarships: Mary Dove
           Sedona Public Library Exhibit: Wayne St. John and Mary Ann Undrill
           Special Recognition: Carolyn Carsula
           Website: Open

Sue Johnson
1st VP Membership
Marsha Owen
2018-2019 Officers & Directors
Wayne St. John
2nd VP Exhibits
  Marie Rolf
Firuse Stalcup
Pat Dunham
3rd VP Programs
Marti McNamee
4th VP Workshops
(shared position)