About NAWS



The Northern Arizona Watercolor Society had its inception in 1980 when Anna Mary Seyfert, a member of the Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), moved to Sedona from Phoenix. An avid watercolorist, Anna Mary scoured the area for artists with a similar passion and soon had a group meeting at her home on a regular basis. As the numbers grew, driving to Phoenix for programs became difficult, so the AWA took us under its wing as the Northern Chapter. We established our own organization under their auspices, growing in both numbers and vitality.


In 1995 we declared our independence forming the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society (NAWS) with 178 charter members.

NAWS Past Presidents are: Harmon Avera, Jane Darrow, Norma Gibson, Vada Lovato, Marilyn Bos, Marsha Owen, Sue Davis, Eva Vaitkus​, Jeanne Jones, Sandy Beck, Diane Thomas, Wayne St. John.




NAWS Board Members:

President: Jane Brothers
Secretary: Barbara Hagerman
Treasurer: Linda Slater
Membership: Shara Brown
Exhibitions: Chris Sommerfeld
Programs: Marsha Owen assisted by Julie Ronning Talbot
Workshops: Bob Burke and Candy Blakeslee
Way & Means: Nita Marlette
Director At Large: Karel Armstrong


NAWS Committee Chairs:

Library Shows: Cindy Montgomery
Critique Groups: Jane Mulrooney
DVD Library: Elaine Bomkamp and Anita Belonger
Newsletter: Linda Worland
Publicity: Lisa Pracchia
Graphic Designer: Paula Horrigan
Special Recognition: Carolyn Carsula
Website: Kira Brooks Designs


Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 508
Sedona, AZ  86339
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