2024 Workshops

A NAWS workshop is a special opportunity to learn from top national instructors in a variety of water media.  Our attendees enjoy an excellent facility, location, and resources.

Workshops take place 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Sedona Methodist Church. Participation is limited to 20 persons per workshop.  Scroll down this page to view available workshops.


Workshop Registration Procedures

Sign up by current members for 2024 workshops will open at the September NAWS meeting. Members may email Candy Blakeslee at candyblakeslee@gmail.com or Bob Burke at bburkesf@gmail.com for further information. Sign up for the Randy Hale workshop only will open on May 19 (see below).

A deposit of $50 is required within 10 days of signup to hold your place. You may pay either by credit card/PayPal using the link supplied to you or you may send a check to: NAWS. {PO Box 508, Sedona, AZ 86339.) Deposits are workshop specific and cannot be transferred to another workshop. Deposits are non-refundable.

Final payment is due on the 1st of the month prior to the workshop month. For example, if the workshop is in January 2024, the final payment is due on December 1, 2023. No refunds of the workshop final payment will be given unless a paying replacement, from the waitlist, is found.

Member vs Non-Member Registration:
Current members have first priority for registration.  Non-members may be added to a wait list for each workshop and will be notified when non-member registration opens.



Kim Johnson

Portraits & Animals in Watercolor

October 15 – 17, 2024


Kim’s classes on human and animal experiences bring the thrill of throwing, dropping, and pushing paints until the subjects emerge from the paper. She believes that every painting is a learning experience and, in the need to be patient through the experience. Her ease as an instructor encourages you to experiment and take on new challenges. During this session, you will improve your ability to analyze your own work as well as the work of others. You are encouraged to bring your own photos for reference and to have your drawings on professional grade paper ready for paint.

Kim will step you through using contour drawing as a guide, not a border, and how to build form through glazes and washes. You will gain understanding on how the contribution of lights, darks, mid-tones add visual interest; and how to increase value through dynamic shapes and the use of lost and found edges. Explore wet vs. dry, wet into wet, and controlled glazes and washes. Breathe life into your subject matter using positive and negative space, while improving your color selection for skin tones and backgrounds to see them come alive!


About Kim Johnson-Nechtman

Kim received her Psychology degree before her life-long passion for the creative process led her to move into painting full-time. She continues to teach watercolor and drawing both locally, and in workshops throughout the United States.

Kim’s early works in landscape studies led to several recognitions, but it was her evolution into human and animal subjects that have accomplished twenty consecutive years as an award-

winning artist.  Kim’s pieces have been selected for publication in Splash 13: Alterna0ve Approaches, Splash 14: Light and Color, Splash 16: Exploring Texture, and Splash 17: Inspiring Subjects, publishes in The Art of Watercolor Magazine (21st issue), Pra0que des Arts Magazine (No 133), and Art Journey Animals: A Collec0on of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks (North Light Books).. She also holds Signature Memberships in American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, San Diego Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and Arizona Watercolor Association.

Learn more about Kim at https://kj-art.com


Workshop fee:
For members: deposit $50.00, fee $325.00
For non-members: deposit $50, fee $375

Supply List: Click here


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