Watermedia Fall Exhibition 2022

NAWS 2022 Fall Exhibition
“Alive With Color”

Sept. 25th – Oct. 8th, Sedona Arts Center


The winners of the show were as follows:

Best of Show- Sharon McGinnis

1st Place- Cathy Schneider

2nd Place- Susan Ludvigson

3rd Place- Cathy Stedman

Innovative Water Media- Julie Talbot

Transparent Watercolor- Chris Sommerfelt

Non Representational- Marti McNamee

Representational- Marsha Owen

Not Released yet but will be announced at the meeting on October 28th.

Member’s Choice- Cathy Schneider ” Warmed by Sunshine”

People’s Choice- Marsha Owen “Storm Alley”




Questions about the show?
Email Chris Sommerfelt at csommerfelt@icloud.com